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Raising healthy & happy

Standard Poodles


Meet our handsome and regal male AKC Standard Poodles!

Health Testing

Meet the ladies of Farmstead 51. These ladies are fancy, beautiful and sporty AKC Standard Poodles.

All of our adult dogs have completed thorough health testing for genetic and orthopedic issues. We complete OFA and PennHip testing for hip structure. We also provide a 12 month health guarantee with all puppies.




A collection of photos of our poodles at play!

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Farmstead 51 was established in 2012 but the dream of it had been one of Nick's for over 30 years. It began with his love of animals, specifically a guinea pig...or was it a it was that rooster disguised as a hen...


Whatever it was, the reality happened because we wanted to continue a line of wonderful Golden Retrievers. When we got married, we began looking for our next family member and met several Golden Retriever puppies before finding the right one... Gerty. She was our first and she has been wonderful. She has great breeding lines and a great temperment, she is exactly what a sporty Golden Retriever should be. We knew we wanted to breed but really hadn't planned to look for a male until Gerty was at least 2. Then Gerty's breeder called and said she had a great partner for Gerty. Upon first meeting we knew that Angus would be the stud-muffin we were looking for. His English lines give him a blocky head and a sticky-sweet personality. He is a wonderful ambassador for the breed.  Gerty never had a litter of puppies but we learned many lessons and developed a passion for elevating the breeding process and reputation of dog breeders. Angus is now retired but his legacy lives on in all of Golden Retrievers and many of Goldendoodles. 


Our dogs are our family members, along with the fish. The dogs live in the house but also love their spaces in the cool garage. They help me, Eden, in the office on a regular basis and love visits to the lake, the pool, and any other body of water they can find.  Our herd is regularly around people of all ages and Ethel is a favorite of our Goddaughter. 


The name Farmstead 51 came about because our first house as a married couple was a 3 acre farm at 51st and Phelps in Kansas City.  We loved that place but it was just too small for our growing menagerie. We now live on the east side of Blue Springs and have a larger space for the dogs to live, work and play and for the puppies to get a great start at life. 

As our "herd" has grown, we've been so fortunate to add 2 wonderful families as Farmstead 51 partners. Rhett and Jake own Max and Brayford and The Ireland's own Winston. Their dogs live with them and come to Farmstead 51 for breeding purposes, playtime, training, etc. and are definitely considered part of the family.


We've been in your shoes as a family looking for the next family member and we want every Farmstead 51 puppy to have a great life with people that love him or her. Dogs are not essential members of our families but they sure make every day better and give us so much love.

Sometimes it amazes us what other breeders say and do, so we're adding these statements just for clarification: 

-We promise that our website only contains photos of our dogs and our puppies, always.

-We promise that we will never sell puppies to a pet store or broker. We will always and only work directly with the families taking our puppies home.  

-We will always raise our puppies inside our home, in their specific whelping and nursery areas. They will travel outside when vaccination schedule and weather permit.

-We will always have our Veterinarian team perform all medical care for our puppies.  All vaccinations, dewclaw removal and deworming are performed in our home or in their offices but always by their trained staff. 

-We will always breed puppies for a purpose of having a "job", that might be therapy work or service work or family babysitter. Our puppies temperament will always be geared toward human interaction and companionship.

-We will always raise and treat our adult dogs like members of our family, living inside the house with us and participating in our daily lives. They will never live in a separate building or be treated like livestock.

-We promise to treat each family with respect and kindness. Sometimes things don't work out and a family will choose to find a puppy elsewhere. That's their right and decision as the customer and we will respect that decision.

-We promise to be honest with you about the temperament, health and raising of our puppies. Sometimes that honesty won't be what you want to hear but we will always do what's best for our puppies and their future families.

-We will always treat your future puppy like a member of our family, daily snuggles and kisses included.


Feel free to ask us any questions and we'll help you in any way we can.  We'll happily share experiences with training, grooming, and day-in-day-out life with our 9 (for now) dogs.

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Jake & Rhett Bellon
Nick & Eden Thurber
Blue Springs, MO 64014

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